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We Got Something Intrusting For Windows OS Lover!

Microsoft Windows is the Good OS, what do you think, Kindly Let us know under Comments Section!
Honestly I started with Windows all thought there are prows and cons of everything Presence in this Universe. Because above all We Humans being are not the Fully Perfect we are good at some certain Areas and Bad at some and the wise one with the wisdom and honest with there self Accountability Should have to Admit this and need to get some improvement to bring Dark and Worst part of it to the Gray side and try to keep most at the Gray and white border line.

Because everything at its extreme is Poisson Once said by Rumi
It include all the Knowledge and wisdom also… Sound entrusting but came out True by the experience.
Here if you don’t Mind kindly read this also, The Effect of Over Information on Human Brain By Emete Telecom.
Yes! We are Telecom, People not a Health blog it on the request of readers. Self care is necessary, Kindly Take Good Care of your Self and Stay Safe.

Few word to Explain the OS

OS is the abbreviation of Operating System, The User Interface Build to make Computer and related electronic easily read and write able & easy to use and Understand.
Until now, people get feed up by the increasing of Technology and too much IT, in the use of now of days world. This thing will be 10x with these beautiful looking operation system.
For Operating System, We are naming few famous of all type and for little extra flavor little knowledge I will try to explain there main objectives to chose the best for your requirement for any help let us know!
Software or Hardware we are one call away at: 869 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056.

Windows the most popular OS for the Computer but have a little so and so score in Mobile Sector and other Mobile Electronics
Like Smart Watch, But still have impact on IoT Like Raspberry Pi and Still the Mostly and widely use in most of the General Computing Machines.

Mac OS, Is the famous Operation System build by Apple Company. It is more elegance with more smart and intrusion visual experience and have more secure protection of Malwares and Data Breaches.

Linux is also a Well Know Player to help out the most of people needs its free and open source and widely in use famous one is Ubuntu based on Debian, Most of Software’s on it are open source and free to use. Ubuntu is officially released in three editions: Desktop, Server, and Core for Internet of things devices and robots, it can be use on a Computer or on any virtual machine as well as Web & Data servers.

Chrome OS is also a very famous OS available for use It is build by google but it is still a Gentoo Linux Based Operating System First Release in June, 2011.

Android OS is also a widely use OS and Kind of Open Source, it will sound you entrusting that it is also an modified version of the Kernel Linux, Developed mostly by Google in Affiliation with Open Handset alliances, Android 11 is just released on 8th September 2020.
It is really Intrusting and sort of outstanding in my personal Preferences, there are some other devices accept Smart Phone, Mobile Phone, It is also for the use in Smart Watches, gadgets like Smart Glasses, Raspberry Pi, and the most famous after the Smart Phone, Android Smart TV. Android is one of the OS who get it popularity in such a few time. That proves it User Experience and facilities it is Providing to there Users.

Today Our Topic is about Running Windows OS on your Android Smart Phone

The Developer Hit Major Mile Stone while working on Windows for ARM Project, they get dual display support working on Lumia 950 XL Smart Phone. So, it is not a much longer dream of Running Windows 10 on your Android Device

That another developer named, Gustave Monce, reported that he tried it on my device today and it worked perfectly. this is often probably one among the few things I didn’t expect to be solved this year. If it weren’t for the past attempts, it wouldn’t be possible for an extended time. So far, truly amazing work. USB works as you expect.

Hope you will comment and let us know how you like our Blog section and Any queries Kindly Let us know, you can also write us on support@emetetelecom.com.au

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