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Get Your Sony Mobile Phones Repaired Now

Have you dropped your smartphone? Dropped in water or cracked the screen? We, at  Emete Telecom can help.  Emete Telecom is the mobile phone repair specialist and if your Xperia is water damaged, or has broken glass then send it in to us today for repair.

The Most Common Repairs

Not every hardware problem can be easily repaired, but some can. With all Sony models, when the screen gets damaged, majority of the time you lose proper touch feature capabilities and functioning of the touch panel, rendering your phone useless. Here are some of the most common repairs one can carry out:

  • Broken Screen
  • Headphone Jacks
  • Loose or Stuck buttons

If you are experiencing this issue, don’t panic, it’s perfectly normal. If you are looking for professional help for mobile repair,  Emete Telecom is here to help. After a successful Xperia screen replacement the functionality will be fully restored. Our expert Sony technicians are located in multiple locations in Australia. From screen replacement to phone repair to everything in between, our technicians can repair your phone on no time!

Your first choice for Sony Xperia Screen Replacement!

One of the most common issues relating to mobile repair is a cracked screen or glass panel. Our technicians have repaired thousands of products, implying we can quickly assess and fix the device with minimum agitation. We offer on-the-spot and affordable replacement for Sony Xperia in multiple locations across Australia.  Be it Sony Xperia Z5 or Xperia Z2, we offer complete screen repair services for you.

 Emete Telecom – Your one stop solution for all repair needs!

Searching for a mobile repair center?  Emete Telecom offers quality sony xperia screen replacement and repair services by trained professionals at multiple locations in Australia. If you are caught with a cracked screen, battery issue or an unknown but frustrating problem, get in touch for superior phone repair services! Our sony models repair services are high quality, quick and reliable. Come to us and we will work around your schedule so that your broken phone or screen does not have to be a bigger hassle than it has to be.

We are experts in fixing your mobile phone’s anatomy!


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