Samsung have launched their first smart watch product. Called the Galaxy Gear, the device allows the wearer to make and receive calls, send SMS and download apps (70+ apps available at launch). It also contains a 1.9 megapixel camera for taking videos and photos.

The release has certainly caused waves online with the million dollar question being whether this is the future once the smartphone revolution has moved on or whether it’s just a passing fad.

When it was launched, detractors pointed to the fact that the watch only worked properly if you had a smartphone to pair it with. While true, it was only a minor drawback in comparison to its biggest limitation which was that it had to be paired with either the new Galaxy Note 3 or the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition.

Since the launch, Samsung have released a software upgrade which means the Galaxy Gear is now compatible with the later Samsung Galaxy S smartphone series and the Note II.

In terms of competition, all the usual players are looking to get in on the action with Sony, Google and even Apple all looking to make their mark.

Could we be witnessing the next generation in mobile technology? Watch this space.

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