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Apple iPhone Repair & Screen Replacement Services

No matter how carefully you use your iPhone, it’s still affected by the law of gravity and likely to get damaged during unwanted accidents. Such accidents may scratch the glass or lens or even may crack the digitizer or damage the screen of your iPhone 11 or 11 PRO.

But don’t worry! If your iPhone has recently been encountered with a sidewalk or any other accidental fall, you need the help of professional care for Apple iPhone 11 repair.

We, at  Emete Telecom, provide replacements parts for quick iPhone 11 pro repair at reasonable prices. Not just iPhone 11 pro max repair, we also offer repair services for other Apple models like iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus. No matter which iPhone you use, it’s going to work like a new one after the repair.

All you need to do is book an appointment by contacting us. There won’t be any agonized waiting issues, as your work will be done on priority on the booked schedule.

Apple iPhone Repair

We are the one-stop destination for iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 repair. We offer the top-notch customised service to fix the different types of repair issues, such as :

Cracked Screen: The cracked screen is one of the most common problems that customers face. But with our professional iPhone 11 pro max repair, your phone will look brand new.

Water Damage: It can cause some major issues with the internal circuitry of your phone. Depending on how bad the water damage, we offer the best possible repair services.

Camera Repair:What if your iPhone X’s camera stops working? Just get your mobile to us for quick and easy iPhone X repair to help you get back to capturing beautiful pictures again.

Dead Battery Fix: Not just iPhone 11 or X, we also offer iPhone 8 Plus repair and dead battery fix. After the repair, your phone will be able to hold its charge for long.

Dead Mobile Repair: In case there are no signs of life in your iPhone despite charging it, then your iPhone is dead. It indicated problems related to battery, software or motherboard. We fix all these problems within a few days without charging too much.

Apple iPhone Screen Replacement

Have you ever dropped your iPhone and damaged the entire LCD screen? In such type of damage, the screen appears to have blurry pixel lines or some inked spots. In worse cases, the entire screen may appear completely white or black.

We, at  Emete Telecom, offer you professional iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement to fix all types of display issues. Our screen replacement service is an affordable alternative to buying a new phone and it also enables you to use your iPhone just like a new one.

The iPhone X screen replacement service that we offer is of high-quality and available at a reasonable price. We won’t sell you any used or refurbished parts, as we only have the quality tested iPhone screens to ensure compatibility with your device.

Our professional team has a plastic opening tool, a disassemble guide and special adhesive strips to work on iPhone XS max screen replacement. All these elements are essential for installing the new screen with perfection.

Besides the latest iPhone versions, we also offer iPhone 7 screen replacement, as we have many parts of different Apple iPhone generations. We even have accessories for your iPhone, including iPhone chargers, case and repair tools to assist you with the replacement or repair of any damaged part. However, for professional iPhone X, XS, 7 or iPhone 8 plus screen replacement, you need to book an appointment with us to get your device back to proper working condition.

Our best characteristics:

  • Brand new, high-quality iPhone replacement screen
  • Original and fully-tested screen replacement
  • Highly-trained professionals touch your device
  • Affordable screen replacement

Why choose us as your Apple iPhone Repair & Screen Replacement partner?

Here’s why you must choose us for your Apple iPhone Repair & Screen Replacement:

Since 2003,  Emete Telecom Communications has been offering complete life cycle management services for smart devices, including iPhone 8 Plus repair to screen replacement of iPhone 11, 11 Plus and XR models.

Instead of throwing away a fixable mobile phone, bring it to us, as we are committed to offering the best iPhone 11 screen replacement, as well as iPhone 7 screen repair services. This not only helps customers to get a phone as good as new again but also helps the environment by producing less landfill.

We work with the finest team that believes in complete customer satisfaction with their product purchase, as well as iPhone X repair and screen replacement services. We offer custom quotes to our customers for different services and products. This enables us to offer many exciting offers on iPhone X screen repair or screen replacement.

Frequently asked questions related to iPhone Repair & Screen Replacement Services:

Q1. What is the iPhone 11 screen replacement price?

The iPhone 11 screen replacement price is quite minimal, depending on the condition of the damaged phone. The cost of the replacement also depends on the quality of the product you choose.

Q2. How long does iPhone XS back glass replacement take?

iPhone XS back glass replacement takes about 30-45 minutes. In the given duration, our professionals first take out the existing back glass with heat. You must also know that the camera cover is welded on the frame, so it must come off for getting the back glass on. Therefore, it is removed and glued again. It is best to do full housing replacement of the back glass for maximum protection.

Q3. Where to get iPhone XS screen repair in Sydney?

 Emete Telecom offers the best iPhone XS screen repair in Sydney. Over the years, we have gained the trust of customers with our excellent iPhone repair and screen replacement services at low prices and faster turnaround times. Moreover, all products that we offer are original and quality tested.

Q4. What is the iPhone 7 screen repair cost?

The iPhone 7 screen repair cost depends on the custom quote, according to the damage to your phone. However, if your phone is still under Apple warranty, some of the damages could be repaired free of cost. Do consult our service team to know about the repair cost of your damaged device.

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