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Get Your Huawei Mobile Phones Repaired Now

Have you dropped your Huawei Smartphone? Cracked the screen or dropped it in water? We can help! Regardless of the nature of your issues,  Emete Telecom can diagnose and repair your faulty Huawei, bringing it back to its former glory.

Huawei Mobile Repair

 Emete Telecom are trusted specialists when it comes to repair services and Huawei smartphones are no exception. If you need an Huawei Screen Repair, contact us and we will have the best service options to suit your needs and requirements. We carry out the repair and have your phone back with you as quickly as possible. Whether you need Huawei Screen Repair, screen replacement or other issues such as water damage or audio problems,  Emete Telecom can help. The most common Huawei Mobile Repairs that we see at  Emete Telecom are:

  • Huawei screen repair/Huawei screen replacements (smashed, cracked, and touch responsive problems)
  • Water Damage
  • Battery Replacement
  • Broken Button such as the Power, Home, and Volume Buttons
  • Broken Camera
  • Charging port repair

All the  Emete Telecom technicians are highly skilled in repairing Huawei devices. Our experts are mostly used to Huawei screen repair, but are just as comfortable addressing any other issue that your device may face.

Fast Repair Services!

Many of our Huawei screen repair or phone repair can be completed in under an hour so you can wait in store while we fix your phone, or alternatively pop out for a coffee and come back to collect it. Our other repair options are also carried out very quickly. Our technicians provide just what you need – professional, local repairs at affordable prices, and customer satisfaction.

We support all devices in the Huawei range – just give us a call on 1300 58 58 53 and we can advise you accordingly. Don’t be stranded with a faulty Huawei phone, get it repaired quickly and cost-effectively via  Emete Telecom.


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