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Emete Telecom provides a range of business grade Internet solutions for small, medium and large businesses in today’s nbnTM world.
As nbnTM rolls out across Australia it’s important to know what is going to happen to Internet in your business. We specialise in assisting businesses with the right business grade Internet service at the right time.
With more and more businesses utilising cloud and VOIP services it is more important than ever to ensure that a business has a reliable, stable and fast business grade Internet service. If an Internet outage occurs while utilising cloud and VOIP services, it can bring an office to a standstill which can cost a business hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour!

If the nbnTM is not planned or scheduled for your particular area yet, there are other alternatives that can be used until nbnTM hits your area.

You will find that business grade Internet services are more expensive than a standard ADSL service, however the cost of even a small amount of office downtime would be far more detrimental to your business than a moderate increase in the cost of your business Internet.

For further information on our business grade Internet service please see one of our product specific pages below: 

Business NBN Broadband

Business ADSL2+

SHDSL and Business Ethernet

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