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Emete Telecom is a Business Solutions & Service Provider Company

Emete Telecom is a business with a focus to make Technology Simplified. The trading arm of the business operates as a Electronics Repair Service and Mobile, Tablet laptop and Mac Sale and Purchase and Accessories Store. We belief in Providing Quality Service. Quality and a Relation of Trust with the Customer.

For the Personal Touch we Keep the Way of Contacting very neat as further you have any Suggestion Click.

Emete Telecom believes that to make a real difference, communities need to work together – pooling resources to help people on a much larger scale than by working alone. Emete Telecom is slowly but surely bridging the gap between those in need and those who can help.

Customers want more than just competitive prices and a full suite of services – which is promised from every Service provider. Customers want to know that they are listened to, supported and provided a service by an Australian company. They want to know that their money matters – more than just by being an account number.

Emete Telecom in Digital TV & TV Outlets Installation

A forward thinking, future-proofing, money-saving, Digital TV Antenna , New Home Antenna Installation, New TV Outlets Installation, TV Antenna Repairs and Service, On Time and Satisfactory Service Provider service provider.

And if that wasn’t enough we’re also 100% Australian-owned and Australia-based. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Local Store on Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia.
  • Repair Service have the wide range. Screen to the Logic Board, Logic Board to the Local Sensor          that minor thing can Bring big Complex Miss Understanding. 
                                 Drop your Phone or laptop For On the Go Work
  • We guarantee to save you money when you switch to us.
  • Personalised understanding and consider their Requests.

Emete Telecom
Emete Telecom is a social enterprise telecommunication company that trades to achieve a social outcome and generate revenue to cover its running costs and part of the profit will be contribute address social issues in our communities.

While Emete Telecom operate like any other, we are aspiring to the highest commercial and service standards, but we are difference because we are serving the community to address social impact facing our communities in general. When you connected to Emete Telecom you connected to social changes in our communities when we make money part of the money will be use to address social problem such as homelessness, domestic violence, and drugs in our communities.

Emete Telecom as your telecommunication provider such as Mobiles, Phone, Internet, Laptop, Computer Machine (Hardware and Software) Support will make big change to our communities.

Our business operates under social enterprises that aim to be financially sustainable while providing economic, social and environmental benefits to our communities – Find your products connect and start building better communities.

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