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A change is coming to Australia in the way that we communicate using phone and Internet. The NBN is Australia’s new broadband network and is currently being built across the country.

The NBN will change the way that businesses use phones and Internet for ever. Most businesses will need to change over from traditional phone lines to the NBN as it comes to an area. When this happens business phone calls will be carried over the Internet in the form of VOIP. Old horror stories of VOIP are a thing of the past with Business NBN providing far faster Internet speeds will now be available.

For businesses with a phone systems that is already VOIP compatible the change to VOIP will be reasonably straight forward. Existing phone numbers can be migrated to a SIP trunk. A SIP trunk can be described as digital phone lines. Any number of digital channels can be provided on one SIP trunk. The SIP trunk is then configured in the phone system using a username and secure password. Calls then route to the phone system using VOIP.

For businesses with a phone system that uses traditional copper telephone lines some changes will be required. Some providers state that they can convert these older business phone systems through complicated work arounds. Our experience is that these solutions cause more problems than they are worth.

Our recommendation is to embrace this change in technology and take advantage of the many great benefits that are available from upgrading to an NBN ready business phone system to new and improved IP handsets. IP handsets operate using the Internet. Instead of having an expensive telephone system sitting on the wall of your business, the phone system is hosted remotely. This is known as Hosted PBX and phones connect to the system using the Internet.

New functionality is available that improves productivity and makes running your business much easier. Features like ‘Mobile ring’ where your mobile phone can ring at the same time as your desk phone helps greatly in providing a professional and efficient service to customers.

You can position an IP phone anywhere in the world using an active Internet connection. It then functions as part of your system and you can make ‘internal’ calls between extensions as if you are in the same room. This is great for businesses with multiple offices or have staff members that like to work from home.

Future maintenance of your system now takes place remotely and site visits for phone system configuration are no longer required. This saves a massive amount of time and money if changes are needed to the system. Self-manage portals are available so that you can control your system as you wish. Change names on phones or change the order that phone ring quickly, easily and for free!

Businesses right across Australia are making the move to an NBN ready phone system. More Telecom specialises in assisting businesses in preparing for the NBN. We provide NBN Business Broadband and NBN Business Phone options for one line businesses. Get in touch with us today about a great NBN Phone System Bundle.

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