NBN Business Phones

NBN ready phone systems from $59.95 per phone


Business Phone & Calls
$ 69
95 / MO
  • Desktop or Cordless Handset
  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • FREE Inter-office Calls
  • NO Line Rental
  • Colour Display (cordless Only)
  • 5 Programmable Buttons (desktop only)
  • $1678.80 min cost over 24 months


Business Phone & Calls
$ 74
95 / MO
  • Desktop Handset Included
  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • FREE Inter-office Calls
  • NO Line Rental
  • 2 Line Display
  • 18 Programmable Buttons
  • $1798.80 min cost over 24 months


Business Phone & Calls
$ 84
95 / MO
  • Desktop Handset Included
  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • FREE Inter-office Calls
  • NO Line Rental
  • Colour Display
  • 12 Programmable Buttons
  • $2038.80 min cost over 24 months

Included Calls
Unlimited local calls
Unlimited national calls
FREE inter-office calls
NO flagfall charges
(Call to AU mobile 25c/min)
(Calls to 13/1300: 40c / call)
Included Features

Press 1 for sales, 2 for service etc

Music on hold
Play ads when your customers are on hold

Hunt Group
Manage who gets your calls

Call Transfer
Transfer calls between phones and offices

Mobile Ring
Mobile & business phones ring together (mobile call charge applies when answered on mobile)

Voicemail to Email
Receive your voicemail anywhere, anytime

3 way conference calling
Conference in multiple callers

Yealink Handset
Reliable and well-made

Comprehensive self-management portal
Control your system when you want, where you want. Read on…

Group Dashboard
Check key stats from your system and quickly access the management tools that you may need from your Group Dashboard. Your Group login allows your system manager to make changes when needed at the click of a button.

Business Summary Report
Quickly check stats for calls in and out of your business. This also gives details of missed calls. It’s possible to drill down further and identify when these calls were missed to better manage your businesses calls.

Manage User
Your Group Admin login gives you the ability to manage individual users and their phone configuration and call profiles.

Other features
Other features of the selp help portal include: Music On Hold management, Auto Receptionist and Hunt Group management, name configuration, schedules, holiday management. All users also receive a user login where they can configure their phone themselves via a web interface.

Essentials NBN Business Phone (Desktop)

The D715 is designed to provide the professional worker with the best in high-speed connectivity combined with high-quality audio. The integral Gigabit switch provides future proofing and, combined with the USB port, enables high levels of flexibility and functionality. The USB port can connect a USB headset, a D7 expansion module or WiFi. Featuring a four-line black and white graphical display, the D715 also has four context sensitive keys, an intuitive, user-friendly menu and five programmable keys with built-in LEDs for visual call indication. It supports four SIP identities. Dual stack IPv4 / IPv6 ensures future proofing. The D715’s combination of features and affordability makes it an ideal endpoint for service providers and larger scale installations. Quick Summary

  1. Elegant design
  2. Four-line backlit B/W display
  3. Dual Stack IPv4 / IPv6
  4. WLAN ready
  5. Gigabit switch
  6. Wall mountable
  7. 5 configurable LED function keys
  8. 12 identities (lines)
  9. Wideband HD audio
  10. Hands-free operation/speakerphone
  11. Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  12. XML Minibrowser
  13. USB Port

Essentials NBN Business Phone (Cordless)

Yealink W52P is a SIP Cordless designed for small business and SoHo who are looking for immediate cost saving but scalable SIP-based mobile communications system.Combining the benefits of wireless communication with rich business features of Voice over IP telephony, User can benefit from freedom of movement, lifelike voice communications, multi-tasking convenience, professional features like intercom, transfer, call forward, 3-way conferencing, PoE etc. This system works with widely-known Broadsoft, Asterisk, 3CX and supports quick and easy configuration.

Office NBN Business Phone

The D725 has 18 freely programmable multi-colour function keys in three rows – a design that allows D725 users to have a complete overview of all calls at their fingertips. This, combined with the ability to support up to twelve SIP identities, makes the Snom D725 handset an ideal candidate for intensive phone usage. The D725’s Gigabit Ethernet switch meets demanding telephony connectivity requirements, while its USB port enables the use of accessories for greater connectivity options. The optional D7 expansion module can be attached for additional function keys. The advanced speaker and microphone system and the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) ensure that the D725 delivers a cutting-edge audio performance with superior, crystal clear call quality. Quick Summary
Elegant design
18 multi color function keys
Wideband audio
USB Port
Gigabit switch
12 SIP identities
VLAN support
Warranty 2 years

Platinum NBN Business Phone


The D765 combines ease of use, versatility, design quality and audio performance. It offers a 3.5” high-resolution color TFT display that delivers rich information – such as presence and photocaller ID – to the user. 16 freely programmable multicolor function keys can be configured for a variety of one-touch telephony functions such as speed dial, busy lamp field or presence indication. This desk phone features two Gigabit Ethernet ports, built-in Bluetooth compatibility and a high-speed USB port for easy connection of accessories including a USB or Bluetooth headset, a WiFi stick or a D7 expansion module. Superior audio quality is delivered by the advanced speaker and microphone system and the Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Quick Summary
Elegant design
High-resolution color display
16 LED function keys
Wideband audio
USB connectivity
Gigabit switch
12 SIP identities
Built-in Bluetooth compatibility
Warranty 2 years

All phones are supplied with a power adapter free of charge. You can use your own PoE (power over ethernet) switch if you have this installed. A PoE switch means that you do not need to utilise the power adapter that is supplied with the NBN phone. A PoE switch would usually be installed as part of your network and cabling solution.

A self management portal is available for users of the Yealink NBN ready phones. The portal can be used to change configuration details of the handsets and your business call flow. Features of the Self Management Portal include: – Name Configuration – Call Forwarding – immediate, when busy. – Mobile ring – set your mobile to ring at the same time as your office phone. – Hunt Groups & Auto Attendant A full userguide on all features and how to control them can be downloaded

When your business moves to the NBN in most cases the traditional landline telephones that run to your business will become disconnected. This means that it is important to move to an NBN business phone solution prior to the telephone line switch off in your area. Our NBN Business Phones work using your NBN Business Broadband connection. Each phone requires a live Internet connection in order to work. An ethernet port is on the back of each phone which needs to be connected to your live Internet connection. It is important that you have sufficient bandwidth on your Internet connection for the phones to work. The phones require 100kbps/100kbps to make a The NBN Business Phones can be plugged in anywhere with an active Internet connection in the world. It is recommended that they are used on an NBN Business Broadband connection. A normal NBN modem will come with 4 ethernet ports on it. If you are already utilising these, or do not have sufficient ports on the NBN modem to plug all your NBN Business Phone in, you will require a switch. A switch is an adapter box that allows you to plug more devices in to your NBN Business Broadband service. These are available from More Telecom at additional cost. They are available in an 8-port or 24-port version. Our sales team can assist with any on-boarding or sales questions that you may have. Please complete our enquiry form and we can get back in touch with you.

There are a few things to think about prior to installation of your NBN Business Phones. 1. Each phone requires an active Internet ethernet connection via ethernet cable. This means that sufficient cabling must be in place within your business so that each phone can connect to the Internet. It is possible to use existing cabling that runs to a computer. In this case your computer cable and run into your new NBN Business Phone, and then an additional cable can run from your NBN Business Phone to your computer. 2. You must have sufficient bandwidth capacity to carry telephone calls over the Internet. With an NBN Business Broadband plan this is rarely an issue as bandwidth capacity is greatly improved compared to ADSL. 3. You must consider how you would like your NBN Business phones to work. These phones come with some fantastic features that can allow your business to operate more efficiently and more effectively. This includes mobile ring, auto attendant as well as many other great features. Our on-boarding team will assist with setting this up so you can make the most of the features.