Emete Telecom in a Nutshell

A forward thinking, future-proofing, money-saving, nbnTM catering, business-connecting, customer-focused telecommunications service provider.

And if that wasn’t enough we’re also 100% Australian-owned and Australia-based. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Offering the latest digital and hosted NBN ready services. Always one eye on the future to keep your business ahead of the competition.
  • Specialists in nbnTM readiness – ensuring your move to nbnTM is smooth and seem less.
  • We guarantee to save you money when you switch to us.
  • Personalised account management for all members.
  • We guarantee that all member support calls will be answered within 10 seconds.
  • Member Support operations are based in Australia.
  • We specialise in keeping Australian business at the forefront.

With years of experience with the nbnTM already, we have helped thousands of businesses get connected to the nbnTM. There is a lot to consider and our specialist team can assist with phone, Internet, EFTPOS and your alarm service.

Emete Telecom
Emete Telecom is a social enterprise telecommunication company that trades to achieve a social outcome and generate revenue to cover its running costs and part of the profit will be contribute address social issues in our communities.

While Emete Telecom operate like any other, we are aspiring to the highest commercial and service standards, but we are difference because we are serving the community to address social impact facing our communities in general. When you connected to Emete Telecom you connected to social changes in our communities when we make money part of the money will be use to address social problem such as homelessness, domestic violence, and drugs in our communities.

Emete Telecom not asking for free donation from individual or company to address communities social impact, through your support to connect your communication networks to Emete Telecom as your telecommunication provider such as Mobiles, Phone, Internet, ADSL, NBN will make big change to our communities.

Our business operates under social enterprises that aim to be financially sustainable while providing economic, social and environmental benefits to our communities – Find your products connect and start building better communities.